Publishing Options

Publishing Option 1

The first option is where Graysonian Press and Heart Space Publications select books to be published in the traditional way – that is, where we carry all the costs and you receive a royalty for books sold.

To be selected; your manuscript must be in line with our ethos of ‘Inspirational books that change the world’.

In addition, they must be unique and well written.  As we only give life to superior books, our standards are higher than most publishing houses.

Publishing Option 2

The second option is to be published through our imprint, Be Published-Publishing Services. This option is for those books that are not inspirational or do not pass our rigorous selection process as related above.

For Be Published-Publishing Services please read on.

Be Published
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About Be Published Publishing Services

What we do

We’ll hold your hand right through the process, from manuscript to retail outlet. As the author, you choose the level of our involvement. We’ll tailor our involvement to your budget - helping as little or as much as you need.

The initial consultation

We will evaluate your manuscript. We give you an honest, assessment of the skill and value of the work, including recommendations for improvement and suggestions for next steps. This can be done via email or telephone.

Ongoing support

We offer coaching and support on the steps associated with publishing, which are:

  • Step 1 - Assessment
  • Step 2 - Production
  • Step 3 - Promotion, marketing and distribution

Step 1 - Assessment

Submit your draft manuscript and submission application form (available by emailling to Be Published Publishing Services.

We evaluate the work. This is when we determine how far advanced the book is towards being production ready. This step determines the remedial action needed to improve the manuscript. It’s where we explain the steps required to take the book through to publication - for example, if the book needs more work, and the author doesn’t have the time or patience to refine the work, Be Published can do the rewrite for you.

There are two edit types needed to bring a book to fruition - substantive and copy. The substantive edit is critical because it not only looks at grammar and punctuation, but it delves into the heart of the book - plot, characterisation and the flow - all factors that contribute to make the book saleable. This is where the polish is applied.

The substantive edit will get the manuscript to 95% ready. The following copy edit, quoted separately, will lift the book to 98% ready. Proof reading and finishing touches complete the process, resulting in a production-ready book.

Step 2 - Production

Production can only occur after the edits have been completed. This stage involves:

  • Layout
  • Cover design
  • ISBN and barcode creation
  • Submission to our specialised printers
  • Creation of the proof (you will be sent a copy)
  • Print run (after acceptance of the proof)
  • Electronic book (ePub)
  • Submission to relevant authorities
  • Audio book

Step 3 - Promotion, marketing & distribution

This is where most self-published authors struggle. Be Published Publishing Services can assist by offering:

  • Access to hundreds of possible distributors worldwide
  • Printing facilities in more than 100 countries, which is pretty much worldwide
  • Facebook set up, including instructions to grow your market
  • Your book placed on our website and other websites
  • The organising of reviews and interviews (if your book is of interest to the media)
  • Insertion in our newsletter, distributed in several countries to a large database.
  • Creation of Advance Information Notifications (AIs) and promotional material.
  • ePubs on various content providers, such as i-devices (ipad, iphone etc)

Benefit from our experience

We’ve published a string of titles and we’ve just about seen it all. Using this experience we have developed a program that ensures the best possible result. Here’s how:

  • We will be honest, constructive and respectful in providing advice to our authors.
  • We will be upfront about costs and timeframes, which will vary depending on how much work is needed.
  • If the manuscript is not up to scratch, we encourage you to improve it and give you the necessary advice to do so.
  • Be Published – Publishing Services, (a subsidiary of Heartspace Publication) will not publish any work that is not up to standard. Through our step-support program we support and guide you until the book is acceptable - sometimes this happens quickly - sometimes it takes time.
  • We will keep you informed during the process and timeframes for each step will be given. The lines of communication are always open because we realise how important this process is to our authors.
  • As part of the teaching process, Be Published offers writing skill workshops at a reduced price to our clients.

Low financial risk! We’ll even show you how to recover your costs from the books we supply you!