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  • Towards a Soulful Sexuality

    • $27.95
    • Adele Gruber
    • 152 pages, A5
    • ISBN: 978-0-620-46120-7

    Intelligent, thought-provoking and delightfully candid, Towards a Soulful Sexuality: new perspectives of sex, age & menopause for women 35 to 60 plus by Adele Gruber separates fact from fiction in regards to a woman’s sexuality after menopause. With startling insights and meticulous documentation, this bold proposal proves to be a fascinating and celebratory examination of what it should mean to be an older woman in the twenty-first century. A truly revolutionary book that brilliantly distils history, anatomy, sexology, psychology, and even quantum physics into remarkable and powerful suggestions to prompt adult women to re-examine the nature of sex, love and spirituality.

    Comprised of a manifesto, a healing workbook, and a self-assessment.

    Adele Gruber

    Adele Gruber, like most people, has worn many masks. These include being mother and grandmother, wife, student, teacher, businessperson and professional publisher. Now Adele dedicates herself to her life-long passion in dance, yoga, meditation and body modalities. She has a special interest in the body-mind-soul continuum and in how movement and body awareness affects our life.
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