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  • Touching Animal Souls : Life Lessons from the animal world

    • $28.00
    • Gabrielle Harris
    • 250pp Paperback
    • ISBN: 978-0-9869858-3-6
    Touching Animal Souls : Life  Lessons  from  the  animal world by Gabrielle Harris

    How do we develop real leadership qualities? We can learn these qualities by interacting with the animals in our world. Includes amazing stories about animal communication and the touching gifts that they bring to our world.

    Animals are a part of our lives, even if we personally don't have a pet. This book would be ideal for anyone who is involved with animals; from owners of puppy schools, equestrians, to professional animal wranglers and trainers.

    The stories alone make this book a worthwhile buy because they are full of humour and insights into animal behaviour and how it influences our lives. This is a Fun book for young adults as well.

    Book Reviews

    "Touching Animal Souls, a remarkable book by Gabby Harris, delves into important areas of training that pioneers like Pavlov did not include in their lifelong pursuit of understanding the principles of conditioning. In my opinion, is the first serious animal training book that has effectively combined the scientific elements of animal training with a unique way of thinking and acting during our interactions with the animals in our care, thereby providing a more holistic approach for training and caring for those animals."
    - Michael Belshaw, International Marine Animal Trainers Association quarterly journal.

    "I don't work with animals, but I am surrounded by people who do. In this book I recognize so much wisdom that I have seen brought to life by others like my mother, my sister and a certain horseman named 'Patrick' who embodies the open leader spirit that Gabrielle speaks of. I think this is a book that I will continue to dip into long after the last page is closed. Opening it randomly rewards one with clarity and insight and you can't help but smile."
    - Donn Ingle -

    Gabrielle Harris

    With a father who practised as a veterinarian, Gabrielle has been surrounded by animals all her life. She has had a twenty year career as a specialist animal trainer. This has involved many species including seals, dolphins, sea lions, horses, dogs, pigs and even zoo animals like rhinoceros and great apes. She is currently employed at Ushaka Marine World, Durban as head animal trainer.