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  • The Dance of Light

    • $25.95
    • Steve Hurt
    • ISBN: 978-0-9869901-0-6
    • 110 pages, A5
    The Dance of Light

    The Dance of Light offers a mystically inspired vision that describes the earth as a sacred, living being.  Drawing from his knowledge of African earth lore and modern mysticism, Steven Hurt shows how the ancient earth rites of our ancestors can be incorporated into a modern vision of ecology.  He also shares a modern Sufi perspective about how all of life is imbued with a subtle light, and how this light can assist the earth and ourselves in the birth of a new era of ‘Oneness’.


    “The Dance of Light explores the inherent oneness within life from a unique perspective: a multi-dimensional journey from the mineral kingdom, to the subtle realms that surround us, to our role as human beings.  The Dance of Light restores an original vision that is vital if we are to live the change that is so needed at this moment in time.”
    - Llewellyn Vaughan-lee Ph.D. Sufi Teacher and author of The Face Before I was Born.

    Steven Hurt

    Steve’s writing is the result of a reflection upon the feminine spirit in creation and the book is an attempt to bring it’s remembrance back to his own awareness, whilst sharing the journey with others. Steve lives in Wilderness, South Africa with his wife Sylvie Vantillard and their two sons, Oliver and Maxime. He continues to write