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  • Tarot Dynamics Unleashed

    • $24.95
    • Anna Burroughs Cook
    • 312pp Paperback
    • ISBN: 978-1-920533-07-6
    Tarot Dynamics Unleashed  by Anna Burroughs Cook

    Using a "reader- friendly" tone Tarot Dynamics Unleashed enables your Tarot Cards to take your intuition even farther! Although your old favourites such as our: Do’s and Don’ts

    Five basic keywords accompanied by definitions that apply to today’s situations! Basic Tarot Spread information that enables you to conduct accurate Tarot readings even from decks that contain more symbols than pictures! Formatting that enables you to use the 78 card Tarot card deck of YOUR choice!

    Book Reviews

    "This lovely Irish proverb is placed at the beginning of 'Tarot Dynamics Unleashed', and brings the whole book into focus. The Tarot is all about the past, how it brought you to your present, and how your present is creating your future. Based on Anna Burroughs Cook's first book, 'Tarot Dynamics', it includes the basics from that book (the five basic keywords for each card, the characteristics inherent in the five suits, basic Tarot spread information, and formatting that allows the reader to use the deck of their choice in their readings."
    - Bonnie Cehovet -

    "Anna offers a system of learning that can firmly root your readings in the cards, giving your intu- ition room to work within the system, for readings and timings that are eerily accurate. While I am aware that some people can do free form tarot readings with great success, my observation of many students and fellow readers has led me to believe most people read and learn most effectively within a system, and the Tarot Dynamics one is great!"
    - Amanda Hilbrecht -

    Anna Burroughs Cook

    Based in Ohio in the U.S.A., Anna has been teaching the tarot for more than thirty years and has become an expert at what can become a very complex subject. She has many loyal clients over a spread of many states.