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  • SoJournal

    • $34.95
    • Spiral bound - 8th edition
    SoJournal Cover

    The SoJournal is a holistic diary, offering a variety of Ancient teachings, such as; Mayan oracles, Native American, Tao and more.  By follow the moon phases and equinoxes the reader is given ‘tools’ to make the most of the journey and to keep awareness of the current shifts.

    Each Zodiac month’s introduction features artwork from local artists and an astrological guide to the month ahead. Holidays and festivals for a comprehensive range of cultures and religions are indicated. The introduction pages are packed with details about the relevant daily information with a few special features.

    Also included; planting guidance, useful recipes, creative ideas and meditations.

    This beautifully spiral bound is now in its 8th edition.