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  • Saving Your Life One Day at a Time

    • $29.95
    • Roy Sugarman PhD
    • 264 pages, A5
    • ISBN: 978-0-9872816-8-5

    There are many books on improving health, and many on how to improve your life - but there are not many that include both. This book does. And every so often, perhaps once a generation, a book emerges that clearly stands above the rest. Saving your life, one day at a time is one such book.

    Dr Sugarman offers seven processes for survival in the modern world. Each is supported with the most up-to-date research that has been packed in one book. When small changes in each of these seven incremental life areas are adopted, with little effort you are guaranteed big improvements in how you feel, think and live. Saving your life, one day at a time is a powerfully motivating workbook that helps you cope better with modern life, starting NOW!

    Reviewers’ Comments:

    “If the concept of beginning to ‘rot’ from the inside out doesn’t motivate you to take on the challenge of living a fuller life, nothing will!  Dr Sugarman delightfully blends humor, frankness and positive motivation to get you off that chair and fully living the life you were meant to live. With Dr Sugarman’s coaching, you’ll immediately understand the crisis while feeling fully empowered to reach the imperative of a healthier life now and into the future! Genius stuff!”
    Dr Michelle Brennan-Cooke;
    Vice president, Magellan Health Enterprises, USA

    “After spending years in the trenches with world-class performers, I've been afforded the opportunity to have conversations with brilliant minds. Dr. Roy Sugarman leads those conversations by continually challenging conventional wisdom with his rich insights and practical applications to create optimal living. He lives what he writes and his writings illuminate simple and powerful methods to dramatically enhance the quality of life's experiences. When it comes to getting it elegantly right, Dr Sugarman nailed it. If you're interested in changing and enhancing the quality of your life -- if you're interested in living a high performing life -- you'll likely find this book difficult to put down. His insights are compelling and practical.”
    Dr Michael Gervais
    Partner, Senior Director of High Performance Psychology
    Pinnacle Performance Center, Inc. USA

    “Roy’s seven ways are practical, doable, and life changing. This simple book, built from Roy’s expansive research, is not just about surviving the modern world, it’s about thriving in the modern world.”
    Scott Peltin,
    Founder/Chief Performance Officer/Tignum and author of Sink, Float, or Swim

    “ I found myself really getting inspired by it! It’s incredible info and very readable. The rot starts early!  Yikes! Got to get my ass moving!!!! Love it.”
    Yvonne Gomez,
    ex-Olympian Skater,  Olympic Skating Coach, NBC TV Director, and founder of GoGo Sport, San Francisco USA

    “Roy Sugarman hits the nail on the head with the Western lifestyle issues that are rotting us away. The take home message is that YOU hold the power for change on multiple levels. You have to read this book. Better yet, read it while standing up and moving about. Let’s wrestle back control of our health from the environment. What say you?”
    Ryan Crandall,
    Movement Specialist at Fitness and Yoga Integration, New Mexico

    “ Dr Sugarman’s brilliance is in the conversion of Applied Science into a totally practical, comprehensible approach for the everyday reader. He effectively solves life challenges for us with amazing clarity.”
    Ian O’Dwyer,
    Functional Movement Expert and co-founder, PTA Global

    “ It was with great enthusiasm that I read Dr Sugarman’s new book. Roy’s ability to create a “how to” for healthy modern living is immense. Making complex and involved topics easy to understand and apply is a skill that so few do well, and he has done that. Combining the science of vitality for body and brain, with a sure-fire recipe for achieving and maintaining it, separates this book from other authors that have tried this unsuccessfully. A fantastic read and a must for all ages.”
    Michael James,
    Co-Owner, Primal Fitness: Sydney, Australia.

    Dr Roy Sugarman

    Dr Roy Sugarman is the Director of Applied Neuroscience at the world’s premier athlete training facility, Athletes Performance and Core Performance in the USA and in that role is the current mindset coach for the US Soccer National Men’s Team. He works with college and professional athletes, corporate executives and their staff, as well as personal trainers, coaches and Special Forces operatives, and a variety of clinical clients.

    Dr Sugarman learned early in his career that only an integrated combination of brain and body interventions succeeded in optimising our ability to get through the day at work, and still have enough energy in the tank to go home and enjoy what was most important to us – the people we love.