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  • The Path of Cosmic Consciousness

    • $29.95
    • Sally Rossiter
    • ISBN: 978-0-9872816-0-9
    • 204 A5 pages
    Path of Cosmic Consciousness

    The Path to Cosmic Consciousness is about self-development. It is also about spiritual development. The Sacred Andean tradition shows how the two entwine. The ethos of the Andean Tradition is equilibrium and harmony, where all the different structures are connected and permanently interact. Humanity is the caretaker of this natural equilibrium.


    "A provocative text for the path that is opening in the Andes!"
    Prof JJ Hurtak, Ph.D.

    "Humanity must come together and shake hands…"
    Credo Mutwa

    Sally Rossiter

    Sally Rossiter runs a highly successful practice, teaching her intuitive healing and balancing methods, speaking publicly to motivated individuals to seek their own truth. Follow Sally’s path from cautious pupil to humble master. Her candid explanations of failures and successes exemplify her story and will inspire you on your own on journey to mastery.

    Sally’s life is a dedication of service to awaken consciousness on our planet, especially through The Andean Tradition.