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  • Hilhairyass Poems

    • $18.95
    • Medyhne Lebachen
    • 76 pages
    • ISBN: 978-0-9872816-4-7
    Hilhairyass Poems by Medyhne Lebachen

    A few words to describe this book: a really cool poems which are: Zany, kooky, crazy, wild, weird and wacky, rude, eccentric, oddball, outrageous, cheeky, controversial, masterful yet mischievous, irreverent, childish and childlike (two of its’ best features!), honest, open, direct, naughty, playful, random, contentious, compelling, cosmopolitan, cantankerous, captivating, giggle-worthy, ridiculous, inexcusable, ambitious, expressive, personality +, perky, silly, eye opening, objectionable, horrifying yet hysterical, absent minded, beguiling, loopy, left of centre, fun, facetious and frivolous.

    Medyhne Lebachen

    Medyhne Lebachen loves to create…As well as having three kids (the ultimate in creation) Medyhne is passionate about writing stories, poems, songs (music and lyrics) and painting. Medyhne is part of a band Sonic Remedy (, which creates original music.

    Mark Payne - Illustrator

    Mark’s artistic career spans thirty-three, years and is still flourishing! His playful illustrations have adorned numerous Children’s books with major international publishers. He is also recognised as a cartoonist and art director in film and television (Australia and U.K.) with various awards in animation at Cannes, The International Year of Peace (Aust.) as well as with Children’s television for the BBC. Mark continues to create as a painter and lives with his partner in the hills outside of Daylesford Victoria.