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  • Gooby and the Dream-Walker

    • $28.00
    • Kongyin
    • 250pp Paperback
    • ISBN: 978-0-9869858-4-3

    Will you too be ready to step into your dream? Where will your dream take you? Are you yourself or a dreamwalker? Begin a magical journey right now!

    The boy often dreams; in fact he has little better to do. In his dreams he can see his body rise like a balloon. He can still see everything below him, though it can be a little shadowy. He doesn't feel as though he's walking on air, for his feet step firmly on his path, as though he were walking on the ground. Who am I? What is reality? Where should I be going? the boy asks himslef these questions, feeling perplexed and somewhat melancholy.


    Kongyin is a Chinese Canadian author, teacher and freelance writer for numerous magazines in China. Her story, "Snow on the Rocky Mountains," published by Readers (October 1995) and reprinted by seventeen other Chinese magazines, was later adapted into a TV show and aired in China. Her short story "Dance With A Bear" was published by Zhiyin Magazine and voted by readers as their choice for the most touching story.