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  • Yogi, the Tails and Teachings of a Suburban Alpha Doggy

    • $17.95
    • Patrick Grayson
    • 130 pages, A5
    • ISBN: 978-0-620-46119-1
    Yogi, the Tails and Teachings of a Suburban Alpha Doggy

    "A delightful read illustrating the wisdom and humour animals bring to our lives. Having little four legged family members myself, I could totally relate and thoroughly enjoyed Yogi’s adventures and story."
    Laverne Hyman

    Thank you for letting me read “Yogi”. Within the pages are gems; precious gems that will inspire, enlighten and bring joy to others who will read the book. It’s a fantastic book for anyone and everyone who has a dog; or rather who has a dog that they consider part of the family. For the others who think they have nothing more than a security alarm on four legs, I hope they are open-minded enough to read this book and discover what an amazing, life-enriching creature they have right under their noses.

    “Yogi” made me giggle and “Yogi” filled my heart to near bursting. I think humankind has never fully appreciated the extent to which these companions of ours help us, perhaps because most of the help they provide is in a way that is not tangible, scientific or apparent through our physical senses. What they provide we are only now touching on, through opening our intuitive and telepathic skills.
    Sammy Thompson.

    "The way Pat puts across the physical and emotional needs of dogs (doggy facts) is absolutely enchanting and enlightening His writing has brought Yogi and Sparkleberry to life with the most entertaining personalities. Well done Pat."
    Jenny Shonne, International Animal Intuitive Speaker, educator and author

    Patrick Grayson

    Pat Grayson is an entrepreneur (3 companies), publisher, author, writing coach and motivational speaker. He is the author of; Trees - the Guardians of the Soul, Know Thyself, Yogi, How to Write - Right! and now, Calling your Will (Publisher O-Books UK). He has had several TV and radio interviews.

    Pat is 58-year-old Australian, As a child he spent time in an orphanage. He is dyslexic, which influenced his leaving school at the age of 15, almost illiterate. But over the years Pat aligned with his self worth and is grateful for his difficult past and teaches that all is possible.

    Interviews, Reviews, TV and Radio

    Watch TV Interview and Panel Discussion, TV1, South Africa 2007


    "Dear Pat,

    Hugs and a huge thank you for this afternoon's radio interview. It was informative, inspiring and great fun. Congratulations on the book. Keep on loving what you're doing. That, too, came across. Best wishes and thanks."
    Elaine Harris
    Afternoon Show Presenter ABC Northern Tasmania, Australia

    Writing Courses

    For information on Pat's writing workshops (for Australia or South Africa), or the correspondence course, click here.