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  • What If

    • $19.00
    • Pam and Gerard Kortenbout
    • ISBN: 978-0-620-46116-0
    • 44 pages, A5
    What If

    The purpose of this book is to set the reader on a course of exploration, thereby bringing a greater awareness of the Creator and a clearer understanding of our relationship to God, thus setting you free from fear, but not free from responsibility.

    "Many books and articles have been written about the Spiritual Path and it is up to us to choose what suits us best. After all, each one of us is on a different stage of the Path, and what suits one will not necessarily suit another.

    Pam and Gerard's ‘What If…’ book, is one that has grown from their own experience. It is an easy read and well worth the time spent on it. I feel sure that there are many who will be helped, encouraged and enlightened by taking the time to read it. They share a lot of wisdom and insight, and their own experience comes through in that sharing. But it is not for me to tell you about it. Read it yourself. Enjoy and learn".
    Clive Scott.

    "A lifetime of dedication to find answers to the complexity of life and its spiritual component makes the authors eminently qualified to put their theories into print. The world is gradually, perhaps too gradually, changing and adopting a more spiritual role in their various religious denominations. This booklet is thoroughly researched, well scripted and written in easily understood language. A must read".
    Fred  Labushagne
    Secretary General
    Spiritual Federation of South Africa

    Pam and Gerard Kortenbout

    Gerard and Pam were both involved with Spiritual Healing before they met and married. In 1971 they started the White Rose Healing Sanctuary in Durban and three years later in Johannesburg. Within a year, twelve healing channels were working three beds and attending to 60 patients per evening twice a week, with an 85% or better success rate.

    In addition, they ran two teaching circles per week and gave a great deal of time to the spirituality movement, passing on knowledge through lectures and psychic demonstrations, private sittings, group and one-on-one consultations and rescue work.