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  • Second Chance, Regain your Health with Tissue Salts

    • $29.95
    • Eva F. Schoenfeld
    • 174 pages, W:170mm x H: 245mm
    • ISBN: 978-0-620-43937-4

    How this book will help you

    • Why Tissue Salt deficiencies affect your health
    • How to recognise deficiencies in your face - self facial analysis
    • Why our food is depleted of Tissue Salts
    • The difference between Tissue Salts and vitamins and how they work in conjunction with each other
    • How to restore the body to its natural balance for optimum health
    • The effect of mineral deficiencies on psychosomatic conditions
    • How to get relief from allergies and cravings
    • Offers you treatment for cuts, burns, abrasions, scar tissue and many more
    • Understand why natural is better

    To support this; there are case studies, colour photos showing facial symptoms, a psychosomatic profiling for people with Tissue Salt deficiencies and a handy A to Z of complaints with over 700 symptoms and treatments using tissue salts.

    Eva F. Schoenfeld

    Eva is the founder of the ‘Academy of Tissue Salts & Facial Analysis’ in Johannesburg. She has studied in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and the USA, whilst practising in Switzerland, Germany, and Spain. In addition to being a Facial Analyst & Tissue Salt Consultant (Biochemistry), she is a JinShinJyutsu® practitioner, Esalen® Massage Practitioner and Reiki Master.

    In Second Chance Eva brings to the latest international findings for Tissue Salts research.