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  • Know Thyself

    • $29.95
    • Patrick Grayson
    • 228 pages, W: 175mm, H: 225mm
    • ISBN: 978-0-620-46117-7

    Learn to control your life with this story telling teacher, who offers tales of wisdom shaped by his own difficult life.  A life that only started to work when he learnt to trust himself and his place within the Universe.

    What this book will do for you:

    • Know Thyself is jam -packed with 1001 ideas to help you become the person you have always wanted to be.
    • Know Thyself is one of the most comprehensive self-help workbooks ever written. Pat writes with simplicity and honesty, first getting to the core of your controlling behaviours and then offering methods of relief.
    • Know Thyself explains the link between being positive and working with your spirituality. You are taught that, in action there is hope, in trust there is freedom
    • Know Thyself explain the difference between your ego and soul, what is real spirituality.
    • Know Thyself can teach you how to express your God-given power and live with enthusiasm and zeal.

    This workbook is also a journal where you record your profound insights.

    What psychologist Mike Lacy-Smith say about Know ThySelf

    ’This is an amazing workbook.  If you ever run a course on KTS, I just may do it myself!’ 

    ‘I have read all the so called gurus, but Pat’s book is the best of them all.’
    - Consultative Practitioner, Elene Watts

    Patrick Grayson

    Pat Grayson is an entrepreneur (3 companies), publisher, author, writing coach and motivational speaker. He is the author of; Trees - the Guardians of the Soul, Know Thyself, Yogi, How to Write - Right! and now, Calling your Will (Publisher O-Books UK). He has had several TV and radio interviews.

    Pat is 58-year-old Australian, As a child he spent time in an orphanage. He is dyslexic, which influenced his leaving school at the age of 15, almost illiterate. But over the years Pat aligned with his self worth and is grateful for his difficult past and teaches that all is possible.

    Interviews, Reviews, TV and Radio

    Watch TV Interview and Panel Discussion, TV1, South Africa 2007


    "Dear Pat,

    Hugs and a huge thank you for this afternoon's radio interview. It was informative, inspiring and great fun. Congratulations on the book. Keep on loving what you're doing. That, too, came across. Best wishes and thanks."
    Elaine Harris
    Afternoon Show Presenter ABC Northern Tasmania, Australia

    Writing Courses

    For information on Pat's writing workshops (for Australia or South Africa), or the correspondence course, click here.