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  • Lessons in Love Inspiration Cards

    • $24.95
    • Lynette Rink
    • 66 Cards
    • ISBN: 978-0-620-443630
    Lessons in Love

    Written and created by Lynette Rink, these special cards are inspired by and dedicated to all the lions who have shared their love, power, gentleness, wisdom and magnificence with her whilst supporting her to find the lioness and lion heart within.

    The messages on the cards are lessons in love and life. 

    Message from the Lions: "Be free, be at peace. Be gentle with yourself, with each other and with your earth".

    Lynette Rink

    Lynette connects to the heart of the land, the animals and to every person she meets, making a difference in their lives and guiding them to fun and to celebrate their life. She inspires people to follow their dreams and to reach their full potential, supporting them to find their roar and lion heart courage.

    Through her company Lifetime Experiences, Lynette gives inspirational talks and facilitates numerous life enrichment interventions including corporate team building, Lion Heart self esteem programs, and youth empowerment and leadership camps.

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