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  • Dissecting Wobbles

    • $28.95
    • Andrew Marshall
    • 188 pages, W: 140mm, H: 215mm
    • ISBN 978-0-9924939-4-3

    THIS IS a story about the human heart. It is, therefore, complicated. It describes a life, and is wrapped in the often mundane details that form the fabric of every human experience. There is no rainbow at the end of the story. Nor is there that easy thing readers love, that voice of enlightenment and redemption, that author's description of how great odds were faced, and then overcome, with important lessons learned along the way.

    Andrew Marshall

    He takes the reader on an epic journey through a life marred by the rare neuro- muscular condition, Friedreich’s Ataxia. This sharp-eyed autobiography is wise, insightful, and filled with profound truths. He eloquently expresses
    the dilemma of those who find themselves on the periphery of society and whose courage, as a consequence, can sometimes falter.