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  • Back on Country

    • $28.95
    • Jack Goodluck
    • 434 pages, W: 140mm, H: 215mm
    • ISBN 978-0-9924939-4-3

    This story is about people in the circumstances of that time of change. None of the characters represent any real person, alive or dead. The Wainandas and the Ananardus do not represent any real groups. Their lands are said to be in and near Western Arnhem Land, and therefore they do use some words from a common language of that area. Goose Island, N.T. exists only in this story, as does Malangarri, but nearby Croker Island and South Goulburn Island are real. Two ancient legends, about the moon and an ogre, and the historical stories of a sea monster and of the inter-clan massacres, are public domain stories given to the author while living in Arnhem Land.