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  • The Re-Awakening of Consciousness

    • $28.00
    • Luis Miguel Falcao
    • 280pp Paperback
    • ISBN: 978-0-9814117-3-6
    The Re-Awakening of Consciousness by  Luis Miguel Falcao

    In this book the reader will learn about the truth behind the lies told them by religion about God. They will be exposed to how our minds work, the origins of the human species and the true origins of church religion and understand why the church has failed to provide us with any true conclusive evidence about God. They will learn about where the truth lies and how to discover it without travelling far. Most of all they will learn about the truth of Yeshu, the impeccable man known as Jesus who became a Christed Soul.

    Book Reviews

    "In order to understand true spirituality, we need to move away from the ‘beliefs’ that became established religions and rather educate ourselves about consciousness. Adopting a new perspective about the true meaning behind the second coming of the Christ Consciousness, as covered in this wonderful book, will help any person who questions spiritual concepts. Humorously written, this book will both entertain and awaken any reader to his or her own true self. Anyone who realises that the words Christ-I-am, is proof that we are all Son’s and Daughters of the One creator will be able to feel what enlightenment is all about."
    - Odyssey Magazine

    Luis Miguel Falcao

    Luis immigrated to South Africa from Mozambique as a child, was educated here, and is now in demand throughout the country as a public speaker and seminar course leader. He has been featured on several radio and TV shows and Renaissance Magazine had a four page feature article on him in the latest issue.

    The author has engaged a publicist and a campaign will be launched at the time of the release of his title. He is the author of A School Called Earth, published last year, which sold more than 3000 copies.