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  • The Language of Light (2nd edition)

    • $29.95
    • Nadine May
    • 272pp Trade Paper
    • ISBN: 09780981427850
    The Language of Light (2nd edition) by Nadine May
    • This fully illustrated workbook takes the reader on an inner journey by tapping into the Language of the Soul.
    • Our creative work can become a step-by-step guide into our own mind-drawing skills which have been hidden from our awareness.
    • The author explains how we can access our psychic abilities.
    • The work takes the reader on a journey through the chakras – they learn to understand the language for the colour vibrations of their drawings.
    • This mind-drawing workbook explains the chakra system and how they resonate to our every day thought-patterns.

    Book Reviews

    This unusual workbook is one of a kind. I was rivet- ted by the explanations and the many illustrations and creative formats that help one to create their own Language of Light cards. Plainly phenomenal. It's is a breakthrough from the point of bringing into perspective how each one of us can embody more psychic energy. Each exercise are creative meditations. I have used some of the exercises in my own workshops and they truly work."
    Sue Barker, Academy for Art Therapy & The Power of the Mind – UK

    "I haven't coloured anything in in SUCH a long long time, A t first I was worried about it being perfect and was rather stiff, then as I moved on, I let go and I was a child again, full of imagination and creativity - and I'm having so much fun!! Many thanks!"
    Monica Pinto - Artist and teacher of Art during 1990

    "This amazing book further develops the Language of Light mentioned in Nadine's first novel "The Awakening Clan". Using the Techniques of Mind Drawing, the reader is connected with their own intuitive nature, the Language of their Soul. This is a workbook which explains the Chakra system, how it resonates with your thought patterns and how emotional patterns are established, which affect your later life. Beautifully produced and easy to use, this book is most recommended."
    Renaissance Magazine

    "I have applied her idea to use all the exercises that appear in the Language of Light workbook offers and practised her meditation techniques for myself. Congratulation."
    John Bishop (spiritual counsellor. UK)

    Nadine May

    Nadine is a novelist who is inspired to bring people's dreams into reality. She is also an art-therapy and drawing-skills teacher who conceptualised and teaches mind-drawing techniques which she calls Art-Analogue Symbolism. The Language of Light is described in her visionary ascension novels, The Awakening Clan, The Astral Explorer and The Cosmic Traveller, as a communication medium between souls.