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  • The Cosmic Traveller

    • $24.95
    • Nadine May
    • 336pp Trade Paper
    • ISBN: 978-0-9814117-0-5
    The Cosmic Traveller by Nadine May

    This third novel in the Awakening series. As Richard, Sascia and the rest of the Jaarsma Clan take the next steps to reaching complete awakening, a discovery underneath the Valley of the Gods' resort in France reveals more clues to human kind's destiny.

    Embedded in the rock walls pictographic script foretells a future that seems to have happened in the past. What is about to come and that there is little time left to bring about transformation, gets clearer when their own lives are swept up by the dramas that trap them into the illusion of a reality that can only exist if they give it their energy.

    Book Reviews

    Congratulations! again I loved Richard's following journal, The Cosmic Traveller. I was again amazed that you managed to make all the information about awakening to our full potential so accessible. It was again a great read. I have been captivated by the Esoteric information contained in the book. your ideas does resonate with me. Thank you."
    Beverly Lange - Editor of Namasté

    "I was very fascinated by Nadine's book The Astral Explorer, so reading the sequel was a given. It does not disappoint at all, taking one forward with an easy pace into unreal but believable realms. I was sorry to get to the end."
    RS Beck -

    Nadine May

    Nadine is a novelist who is inspired to bring people's dreams into reality. She is also an art-therapy and drawing-skills teacher who conceptualised and teaches mind-drawing techniques which she calls Art-Analogue Symbolism. The Language of Light is described in her visionary ascension novels, The Awakening Clan, The Astral Explorer and The Cosmic Traveller, as a communication medium between souls.