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  • Tarot Dynamics: An Easy Guide for ANY Tarot Deck

    • $24.95
    • Anna Burroughs Cook
    • 176pp Paperback
    • ISBN: 978-0-9814278
    Tarot Dynamics: An Easy Guide for ANY Tarot Deck by Anna Burroughs Cook

    Guide words as reminders. Place your own cards over the full sized images to get a powerful learning lesson. This book was designed using Anna Burroughs Cook's teaching technique developed over many years of conducting classes in Tarot.

    The beauty of it is that it can by substituting your own card absolutely any deck can be used although an image from the Universal Tarot has been used on the cover and for the illustrations in the text.

    Her 'Tablecloth' which can be downloaded from either her own web site or that of the publisher, makes it even easier!

    Book Reviews

    "Remarkable! Absolutely Remarkable! I was surprised and pleased to discover that Tarot Dynamics shares some similarities with the book that I credit with having first taught me the Tarot, 'It’s All In The Cards' "
    - John Mangiapane.

    "With Tarot Dynamics (aside from the expected necessity of memorising the name and number of all seventy-eight cards) in my opinion, even the most serious student needs only to memorise 13 keywords (the 5 basic plus 8 more for Subject Cards two through ten and 5 universal character traits to explain all twenty Court Cards!)

    Clever layout too! Tarot Dynamics delivers upon it’s promise that you’ll soon be reading from whatever Tarot deck you fancy by inviting you to place the same Tarot Card, (from the 78 card Tarot deck) of your choice atop their illustration. I discovered that her Tarot Dynamics definitions are also more than suitable for those of us who sometimes enjoy reading from a 22 card deck of Major Arcana Tarot Cards!

    Best of all, Tarot Dynamics individual definition for each of the 78 cards Tarot Dynamics are second to none. The Right Pages provide a detailed definition (that shouldn’t be missed!) the left pages consist of an illustration as well as a shorter definition thus enabling the more experienced reader (or those with more curiosity than patience) to immediately begin reading."
    - Silvie UK -

    Anna Burroughs Cook

    Based in Ohio in the U.S.A., Anna has been teaching the tarot for more than thirty years and has become an expert at what can become a very complex subject. She has many loyal clients over a spread of many states.