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  • Paws and Listen to the Voices of the Animals - Animal Inspiration Message Cards

    • $18.50
    • Jenny Shone
    • Animal Inspiration Message Cards – pack of 48 playing-card sized cards
    Paws for Thought

    A pack of Divination Cards written by Jenny Shone.

    "Jenny opens an enchanting portal to the world of animal telepathy and healing, stringing together an amazing collection of personal experiences. This book also serves as a very accessible guide to any pet owner or animal lover, taking communication and understanding between the two to a higher level. The exercises are easy and will benefit any reader incalculably."
    Stan Visionaries – Midrand Reporter

    Jenny Shone - South Africa’s own Dr. Dolittle

    Jenny Shone has always had an all-consuming passion for animals and at the age of sixteen opened her first horse riding school. At eighteen, Jenny joined and worked with the famous Lipizzaner horses in Kyalami and spent time at the Lipizzaner riding school in Vienna. Her compassion lead her to study, and specialise in the teaching of disabled children.