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  • Heaven's Gift

    • $24.95
    • Jasper Swain
    • 154pp Paperback
    • ISBN: 978-0-9584065-2-9
    Heaven's Gift - Conversations beyond the Veil by Jasper Swain

    Heaven's Gift is a true and amazing account of the afterlife as given by a young man to his father on the Earth Plane.

    Mike lost his life in a motor accident and gives a revealing account of his transition and integration into life in the Spirit. The many fascinating and enlighten- ing insights given are very relevant in today's world, especially for those with a loved-one who has transitioned. Clear accounts of the workings of the Heavenly realms and their role in our lives here on Earth are given.

    Book Reviews

    "Mick (mike) had been my best friend since age 12, when we were in preparatory school together. we were inseparable. i recall our mutual bicycle crash together, and how he mimicked my reaction for many years to come. we purchased(okay had our father's purchase) our first suzuki motorcycles together. our choice in music were similar, as was our artistic flair. We even dated mutual friends - both with similar personalities. as I said; we were inseparable.

    Reading Heaven's Gift (on the death of my son) only brought back the many enriching aspects of mick and my life - over and over again. yes, for those having a hard time overcoming bereave- ment or loss of a loved one (as in the WTC tragedy), heaven's gate is a must read."
    Owen Greenland -

    "This book has to be one of the best book's written for a family who are trying to come to terms with the death of a loved one, Heaven sounds such a wonderfull place,and it is so well written. After the death of my son this book was my turning point,I cannot begin to tell you how much it helped me. Well worth reading, everyone should have a copy. Thank-you Jasper."
    Christina Kennelly -

    Jasper Swain

    Jasper Swain was a lawyer and later a circuit court judge in Kwa-Zuku Natal, South Africa. He is survived by his wife Clarice and also another son Kevin who followed in his father's footsteps by also becoming a judge in the same district.