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  • Celebrate Your Gold Within

    • $29.95
    • Kripadhara
    • 380 pages, A5
    • ISBN: 978-0-9924939-6-7

    • Empower you to mindfully adopt a wellness regime, embrace abundance and harmony in each area of life, and attain prosperity
    • Show how to attain your ideal lifestyle, so you can spend more time with family and friends
    • Show you how to grow your assets
    • Show how to maintain peace of mind amid the turmoils of daily life
    • Provide tools for creating your own unique Life Plan

    This is a workbook – your Blueprint for living life fully with Success, Happiness, and Without Limitations.


    Kripadhara is an accountant. The term accountancy and spirituality are not always synonymous. The first tends to portray a hard-headed pragmatist, grounded in law and contract; the other an open compassionate person, who lives life with faith in a benevolent creator of the non-material unseen being. Kripadhara is both – she shares from the head and heart, steeped in practicality and hope, reward for effort, and belief, of mindfulness, and financial savvy.