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  • A Descended Master

    • $28.00
    • Patrick Desplace and Lorraine Davies
    • 300pp Paperback
    • ISBN: 978-1-920535-11-7
    A Descended Master by Patrick Desplace and Lorraine Davies

    A masterful treatise on how the esoteric world really works from a master at his topic.

    This is a journey that we all in our hearts wish to go on (should we dare to). It becomes easier to take up the challenge of the deeply esoteric with Patrick Desplace on the page beside you. This is a hugely rewarding book.

    Book Reviews

    "it is hard to find adequate words to do (Patrick Desplace) justice. He was all about wisdom and there are those filled with a lot of knowledge but hardly any wisdom. We all know that it is a quality that is palpable when embodied, but also mostly ineffable in description. So is this book, hence it will be of inspiration to the one that understands this vibration.

    It can also be said that this book is at the cutting edge of perception and absolutely relevant for the changing world we live in, a world of challenges, uncertainty and inconceivable mystery."
    Odyssey Magazine Feb 2012

    Patrick Desplace

    Patrick Desplace, scientist and accomplished sorcerer and esoteric master was born in Mauritius but graduated in Physics in Australia and has spent his life studying the esoteric mysteries and teaching them around the world, but primarily in Australia. He founded the organisation World Development of Human Resources in 1998.

    Lorraine Davies

    Lorraine Davies is a writer from the United Kingdom. She has been awarded high honours for her work in esoteric science stretching over many years by the World Development of Human Resources.