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  • Paws and Listen to the Voices of the Animals Version 3

    • $27.95
    • Jenny Shone
    • 216 pages, A5
    • ISBN: 978-0-620-35208-6

    “Jenny opens an enchanting portal to the world of animal telepathy and healing, stringing together an amazing collection of personal experiences. This book also serves as a very accessible guide to any pet owner or animal lover, taking communication and understanding between the two to a higher level. The exercises are easy and will benefit any reader incalculably.”
    Stan Vagionakis – Midrand Reporter

    “When Jenny bought her book in for me to review I had just embarked on my own animal communication journey, and what a journey this is proving to be. Paws & Listen has helped in many aspects of this journey. It is sure to also help many others seeking how better to understand the animals that they live with.  Read this book, then open your heart, free your mind and listen to the ancient wisdom of the animals that you love.”
    Tracy Cox – Assistant Editor, Animal Talk; Editor, Dog Directory and Saluki Slave


    • Conversations with pets
    • The extraordinary is ordinary – X-ray vision and body scan
    • The intuitive experience – tracking through Gestalt
    • The contact experience during grief – heavenly voices
    • The soul experience – death and rebirth
    • Talk to the wild side – and voices from the ocean
    • The healing experience
    • Horse sense – the horses have something to say
    • Meditations and Exercises
    • The Lion Heart Project
    • Protecting your cats and dogs from harmful foods and substances
    • Animal Organisations
    • And much more....

    Jenny Shone - South Africa’s own Dr. Dolittle

    Jenny Shone has always had an all-consuming passion for animals and at the age of sixteen opened her first horse riding school. At eighteen, Jenny joined and worked with the famous Lipizzaner horses in Kyalami and spent time at the Lipizzaner riding school in Vienna. Her compassion lead her to study, and specialise in the teaching of disabled children.