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  • Passion, Fashion & Heart

    • $29.85
    • Christina Kilmister
    • 222pp Paperback
    • 978-0992493950

    To be released in November 2018

    Welcome to Christina and her journey, as she refreshingly opens up her world to you on a platter. How she followed her heart, wouldn't give up and how it led to living her dream. This book is fun and fresh, it oozes real life ups and downs, and written with a true and raw passion that is rarely seen these days. Christina mimics my persona in life by not being afraid to show her true self, clearly wanting to get the message across of doing what you love in life. No matter what. Showing you how to look and feel fabulous whatever shape you have.

    Book Reviews

    Tami’s testimonial is only one of 5 international fashion icons to add their recommendation of this book. The book is in full colour, with many colour images.

    Christina Kilmister

    Christina is a rising-star designer, and author of this delightful book. It is packed with honest advice, inspirational ideas, and self-examining lessons – you’ll just love her funny, raw and honest voice.