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  • The Power to Navigate

    • $29.95
    • Tony Fahkry
    • 216 pages, A5
    • ISBN: 978-0-9924338-0-2

    An extraordinary book that teaches difficult concepts in a simple way ...

    Ten years ago, Australian author, speaker, health advisor and acclaimed life coach, Tony Fahkry, heard the word that changed his life forever: cancer.

    It was his moment of awakening and the first step towards embracing the perfection of life. A decade on and the release of: ‘The Power to Navigate Life’, is the culmination of that journey. This included personal experience, observations whilst working one-on-one with clients, facilitating workshops and seminars, ‘The Power to Navigate Life’ is a unique program of understanding the function between mind and body to achieve mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

    “Being told I had cancer had a profound effect,” said Fahkry. “It helped me to realise that there were areas which were disempowering – I needed to take decisive action to move forward. Each one of us has a host of unique and infinite possibilities and options. ‘The Power to Navigate’ helps to embrace that potential by releasing the individual talents, skills, and passion within every one of us.”

    ‘The Power to Navigate Life’ represents a comprehensive training program which is now supported by this book. The program has been presented interstate in conjunction with Bupa Australia (one of Australia’s largest insurance companies).

    With immediate international attention, New York Times best-selling author, Dr. Eldon Taylor has written the following foreword to the book.

    “The Power to Navigate Life offers thoughts that will connect deeply within your being and consequently raise in you a new awareness of your potential. You will come to understand, not just intellectually but also at a much deeper emotional level, that, “There are no mistakes in life—only outcomes!” And you are largely in charge of those outcomes. There is special warmth in Tony’s words that seems to reach in and somehow touch our souls.

    A good self-help book should produce an experience, deliver the motivation necessary for you to follow through, and leave you with a new level of confidence with which to continue your journey. The Power to Navigate Life does precisely this. I highly recommend the book and I know that you will both appreciate and prosper as a result of your experience with it.” 

     Eldon Taylor, PhD, FAPA. New York Times Bestselling Author of ‘Choices and Illusions’.

    Australia’s leading sports neuroscientist, Dr. Roy Sugarman says: "Tony Fahkry lets us see into his soul, forged in near-tragedy, but resulting in a layered stream of consciousness, shared with us in this book. Tony's goal is not to embed us in his life, but rather in the growth of his person and personality as he navigated the twists and turns of his life – as if a travel book for the spirit, Tony's brave and compelling insights lead us to contemplate our own approach to adversity and the freedom that results if we try."

     Roy Sugarman PhD: Clinical Psychologist, Neuropsychologist and Author of Saving your life, one day at a time and Motivation for coaches & personal trainers.

    Tony Fahkry

    Holistic Health & Self-Empowerment ▪ Presenter ▪ Author. Founder of The Power to Navigate Life, Tony is a leading holistic, health and self-empowerment specialist. He brings over ten years’ experience at the highest level as a health professional, corporate and public speaker, author and coach. His understanding and integration of mind and body concepts bridges the gap between health, well-being and human behavior.

    Tony’s The Power to Navigate Life program, has presented to corporate companies across Australia. The program teaches participants how to achieve continued mental, emotional and physical well-being using his easy to follow principles. This book contains the principles espoused in the program.

    Tony has worked with Bupa Australia presenting The Power to Navigate Life seminars in Melbourne and Sydney to Ericsson employees. Tony is a regular monthly contributor to Bupa's online magazine, BeWell. He has published articles for UltraFit magazine and has completed an eight week mental resilience, health and wellbeing program for the Coles senior executive team.

    He is a regular contributor (over one hundred articles) for online, as well as for on personal growth, empowerment, inspiration, health and well-being, mind and body matters, and self-awareness.

    He has written two eBooks on health and wellbeing and self-development. These are available to download via his website.