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  • Stress Slaves - How Stress imprisons you, how to break free

    • $28.00
    • Pamina Mullins
    • 304pp Paperback
    • ISBN: 978-0-9802561-4-7
    Stress Slaves - How Stress imprisons you, how to break free by Pamina Mullins

    This book will explain why stress imprisons you. It will signpost your way out of the maze.

    Stress Slaves takes you on a light-hearted journey to discover that we are not born into stress slavery; we imprison ourselves through living unconsciously!

    If you have forgotten how to laugh, your expectations are unrealistic or your present is influenced by your past, this book will show you what im- pact stress has on your life. This book will explain how to formulate an effective stress busting plan.

    Book Reviews

    "This is an excellent book which should appeal to both the new ager and the more traditional thinker. What I particularly liked was the author's ability to write as if in conversation with the reader and to provide sensible, practical suggestions to everyday challenges. A very easy read and well worth it."
    - Review by Edward T. Keeling -

    "If you are feeling trapped by stress then this book is definitely for you! In this light hearted book Pamina Mullins signposts the way out of the labyrinth of stress and help you to formulate an ef- fective stress-busting plan. This book will make you re-evaluate your own responses to life and take a clear look at what is controlling you."
    - Renaissance Magazine

    Pamina Mullins

    Pamina Mullins trained as a corporate and personal stress management consultant in the United Kingdom and practices in Harare, Zimbabwe where stress management is an essential survival tool.