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  • Spunky

    • $22.95
    • Sarah (Spunky) Strydom
    • ISBN: 978-0-9872816-2-3
    • A5

    I could not wait for my eighth birthday, but everybody was crying. I didn't understand why they were so upset - don't they know that I will be fine?

    I did not know it then but my life was about to change - forever.

    I will tell you what it’s like to lose your hair, vomit for hours and learn how to walk again. I will share with you the sadness of losing a friend in the ward next to me, but I will also share my happiest moments with you.

    Join me on my journey of becoming a cancer survivor, and against all odds a provincial badminton player.

    The words in this book are Sarah’s, or Spunky as she is affectionately known.  She started to write them only a short time after her diagnosis – she was eight years old. Her story is one of bravery and determination.

    Sarah (Spunky) Strydom

    This true story is a snap shot of a difficult time in the life of a little girl - Sarah, or rather Spunky as she is known by her family and friends. Never has a name fitted a person so well. Sarah at eight years old wrote this book but she was helped by her mother, Nicky. Nicky gave understanding to the medical terms and did the initial edit, but they are Sarah’s words.

    We have been lenient with the edit for Spunky’s words, where we retained incorrect tenses and grammar to preserve her “voice”.

    As the publisher, many have asked me what I enjoyed the most about the manuscript. Obviously Sarah’s bravery inspired me, as did her positive outlook. But the best was to get to know Sarah through her candid descriptions. I am sure you will be as enchanted as I was.

    I am humbled by the privilege of bringing her story to the world.