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  • Reconstructing The Past to Create A Remarkable Future

    • $25.95
    • Tony Fahkry
    • 188 pages, A5
    • ISBN: 978-0-9924338-7-1

    … it is important that we learn to make peace with our past if we are to create a new and compelling future. This does not mean that what happened to you is forgotten or swept under the rug…

    Extract of the forward by Dr. Joe Vitale – …So buy it, read it, apply the lessons and keep it next to your bed to reread and reread again.” (Dr. Joe Vitale is the best-selling author of numerous books, from The Attractor Factor to Zero Limits and Attract Money Now. He has appeared in many movies, most notably as a standout star in The Secret.)

    Tony Fahkry

    Holistic Health & Self-Empowerment ▪ Presenter ▪ Author. Founder of The Power to Navigate Life, Tony is a leading holistic, health and self-empowerment specialist. He brings over ten years’ experience at the highest level as a health professional, corporate and public speaker, author and coach. His understanding and integration of mind and body concepts bridges the gap between health, well-being and human behavior.

    Tony’s The Power to Navigate Life program, has presented to corporate companies across Australia. The program teaches participants how to achieve continued mental, emotional and physical well-being using his easy to follow principles. This book contains the principles espoused in the program.

    Tony has worked with Bupa Australia presenting The Power to Navigate Life seminars in Melbourne and Sydney to Ericsson employees. Tony is a regular monthly contributor to Bupa's online magazine, BeWell. He has published articles for UltraFit magazine and has completed an eight week mental resilience, health and wellbeing program for the Coles senior executive team.

    He is a regular contributor (over one hundred articles) for online, as well as for on personal growth, empowerment, inspiration, health and well-being, mind and body matters, and self-awareness.

    He has written two eBooks on health and wellbeing and self-development. These are available to download via his website.