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  • Motivation for coaches and personal trainers: engaging and retaining people in positive behavioral change

    • $29.95
    • Roy Sugarman PhD
    • 318 pages, A5
    • ISBN: 978-0-9874997-5-2

    Dr Roy Sugarman presents the second edition of his highly acclaimed work on motivation and the coaching of emotion. Since the first edition of his book, he has received overwhelmingly positive feedback on which this second edition is based.  In proposing an entirely new paradigm for coaches and personal trainers, Dr Sugarman sets out clear strategies, based in behavioral science, for  trainers to forge warmer and more effective relationships with their clients.   In this paradigm, coaches and trainers can help clients  find their resolve to change on their own terms, and in doing so, became an expert in the thing that matters most, their optimal performance.  Already part of many personal training curricula worldwide, Dr Sugarman’s work on motivation in physical training and sport coaching settings is becoming the bible for those in the training community who want to drive growth in the industry by engaging more people in positive healthy behavior change.

    Reviewers’ Comments:

    “I had the distinct pleasure of reading Dr Roy Sugarman's book and the opportunity to interview him about his book Engaging and Retaining Clients in Healthy Behavior Change- this is a GAME CHANGER for trainers… and by the way from taking this approach I doubled my business. As for this second edition, I thought chapter 9 is brilliant! His closing thoughts in chapter 10 are a mission statement to the entire fitness industry as I believe it is dying. I think it helps create a vision for what coaching is and what training is missing.  Emotion is something we have been scared away from dealing with. They kind of teach the empathy out of you – and for us coaches he hits the nail on the head- it's impossible to not deal with it – solution? Because of him we have tangible solutions and systems that make trainers see how they can evolve.”
    John Sinclair;
    Faculty Member, PTA Global, Edmonton, Canada.

    Dr Roy Sugarman

    Dr Roy Sugarman is the Director of Applied Neuroscience at the world’s premier athlete training facility, Athletes Performance and Core Performance in the USA and in that role is the current mindset coach for the US Soccer National Men’s Team. He works with college and professional athletes, corporate executives and their staff, as well as personal trainers, coaches and Special Forces operatives, and a variety of clinical clients.

    Dr Sugarman learned early in his career that only an integrated combination of brain and body interventions succeeded in optimising our ability to get through the day at work, and still have enough energy in the tank to go home and enjoy what was most important to us – the people we love.