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  • Vanishing Worlds

    • $28.00
    • Nadine May
    • 458pp Trade Paper
    • ISBN: 978-0-9870048-5-7
    Vanishing Worlds by Nadine May

    Annelies continues the adventure by journeying into the cells of the body to discover what exactly biological consciousness is. She is the ascension workshop facilitator in the novels.

    She awakens to the awesome truth that to survive physically is nothing compared to the challenges of surviving on a soul level. Outer worlds (dark forces) know that, but they lost their soul connections a long way back. They are heading for their own extinction so they have to attach themselves to the souls that are asleep to their true identity in order to return home - because our reality will soon be no more, when the Grand Portal is re-opened.

    Book Reviews

    "Vanishing Worlds has a knack of conveying the major issues of today and what may be coming in our lives in such an easy-reading style as to make complex subjects interesting and easy to grasp. The whole story line flows along like a mighty river, carrying one along calmly but powerfully. I absolutely loved it!"
    Hermien van der Veen -

    "Reading Vanishing Worlds gave me an opportunity to experience that 'Time' as I under- stood it is nothing but an illusion created by an individual perception. The main character Annelies, who appears in all Nadine's novels as a strong willed and charismatic character, shares her story while being confronted with her own vulnerabilities. Her story takes on a very different twist when a communication is played out between the cellular structures that make up her physical body. Our planet Earth, our galaxy, or universe is just as real as the reality on a molecular atomic level. What an eye-opener, especially when this reality might indeed just as well vanish."
    Namasté Magazine -

    Nadine May

    Nadine is a novelist who is inspired to bring people's dreams into reality. She is also an art-therapy and drawing-skills teacher who conceptualised and teaches mind-drawing techniques which she calls Art-Analogue Symbolism. The Language of Light is described in her visionary ascension novels, The Awakening Clan, The Astral Explorer and The Cosmic Traveller, as a communication medium between souls.