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  • The Role of Evil in Human Evolution - Exposing the Dark to Light

    • $28.00
    • David Ash
    • 288pp Trade Paper
    • ISBN: 978-0-9802561-3-0
    The Role of Evil in Human Evolution -  Exposing the Dark to Light  by David Ash

    This is an authoritative and powerful exposé of endemic patterns of domination and control in the world, the Weapons of Mass Deception. It arises from what David Ash calls "The cult of Jehovah".

    Supported by new and comprehensive research, the book offers amazing and eye-opening insights into how our world is run. Some of the questions raised include:

    • Slavery has been abolished, or has it? No, because economic slavery rules our lives and is the chief cause of world poverty.
    • How much freedom do you really have? Very little.
    • Has our free will been subverted into belief systems?

    Book Reviews

    David Ash's subject matter in this book is, I feel, perfectly contemporary for the time in which we are living, especially as we approach 2012. He writes about the quantum world and how it has revolutionised thought ever since it was discovered. He says modern (Western) society is caught in an illusion of materialism, which has its roots in ancient Rome and Greece. David is heavily influenced by Hinduism and Eastern mysticism in his writing, and bases his argument on the worldview: 'There is motion, but there are ultimately no objects; there is activity, but there are no actors; there are no dancers, there is only the dance.' Fritjof Capra (The Turning Point).
    Lenard Roos Odyssey Magazine December 2007

    David Ash

    David Ash is a quantum physicist, spiritual teacher and author. Although currently in the science graduate from London University. He lived in Brisbane for eight years and during these years he travelled extensively throughout Australia, lecturing and offering workshops. He is the author of a number of published books.