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  • How to Write - Right! Copy

    • $25.95
    • Patrick Grayson
    • 168 pages, A5
    • ISBN: 978-0-6204393-9-8

    A bright, tight writer’s guide; that is what Phillipa Glendinning wrote in the Grahamstown Festival paper ‘Wordstock’ about How to Write – Right! She also says : this comprehensive guide is set out in a simple and easy to use … How to Write – Right! Is effective in teaching discipline and provides some eye opening points on being an author and publishing …


    What this book covers:

    • How to write
    • Do you regard yourself as a writer
    • The spirituality of writing
    • Creative writing
    • Creativity of your right
    • Editing checklist
    • Writing and technology
    • Report writing
    • Writing your book
    • Self-publishing versus traditional publishing
    • How to market your work
    • Writing for publications
    • Other writing tips


    The book is created from the author’s experience as a writer, a teacher of writing and from the point of view of a publisher. The main ethos of the book is to encourage all who read the book to write. It is motivational and supportive. It contains many practical exercises, writing drills and examples. It also addresses the common mistakes that consistently appear in the manuscripts that are received by Graysonian Press.

    How to Write - Right! will not only help potential authors, it is for everyone who writes messages, emails, letters – that is, just about everyone!

    Press Kit questions about how to Write – Right!

    Why a book about writing?

    According to Para Publishing, 81% of people want to write a book.  However, most do not consider themselves capable.  This book dispels that myth and teaches that everyone can write, as writing is a skill that can be learnt.

    This book teaches that skill!

    Why is the book titled ‘How to Write – Right!’

    The name says it all, as the book covers all of the aspects required to improve writing skill.

    How could How to Write – Right! be used within organisations?

    Communication is pivotal in business, therefore it is imperative that managers, sales staff, and just about everyone within an organisation improve the clarity and meaning of their written communication.  This could be in regard to reports, memos, quotations, emails, faxes, agreements and letters. 

    How to Write – Right! Includes a chapter on report writing.

    Will this book help students?

    Students have to produce more written assignments than ever.  The skills taught in the book will improve those assignments.  The chapter on editing will help the students tremendously.

    What readership or audience is the book aimed at?

    The book is not only aimed at people who want to learn creative writing. It is a useful resource for educators, leaders, coaches, students, and those with a need for written communication.

    In addition to the above, there is a chapter on publication writing (magazines and newspapers)

    What makes this book different?

    Pat Grayson teaches from the heart, as he well remembers the early days of his struggle to write well.  He also brings his knowledge of the publishing industry.  But most important, Pat instils the belief that all can write if they try.

    Will readers learn from the book?

    Absolutely, as the book is a workbook with writing exercises that the reader is encouraged to do. 

    In addition, as a teaching aid, the author includes examples of writing from many famous authors, such as, Ernest Hemingway, Agatha Christie, Wilbur Smith and J.K Rowling, just to name a few.

    Therefore, if readers work through the workbook with enthusiasm and diligence, they will learn how to write and write well.

    How will the reader benefit (on a personal level) from reading this book?

    When written communication is improved, self confidence improves.  This book could also be considered a self-help training manual, and as such self esteem is likely to benefit.

    Patrick Grayson

    Pat Grayson is an entrepreneur (3 companies), publisher, author, writing coach and motivational speaker. He is the author of; Trees - the Guardians of the Soul, Know Thyself, Yogi, How to Write - Right! and now, Calling your Will (Publisher O-Books UK). He has had several TV and radio interviews.

    Pat is 58-year-old Australian, As a child he spent time in an orphanage. He is dyslexic, which influenced his leaving school at the age of 15, almost illiterate. But over the years Pat aligned with his self worth and is grateful for his difficult past and teaches that all is possible.

    Interviews, Reviews, TV and Radio

    Watch TV Interview and Panel Discussion, TV1, South Africa 2007


    "Dear Pat,

    Hugs and a huge thank you for this afternoon's radio interview. It was informative, inspiring and great fun. Congratulations on the book. Keep on loving what you're doing. That, too, came across. Best wishes and thanks."
    Elaine Harris
    Afternoon Show Presenter ABC Northern Tasmania, Australia

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