Bookshop Overview

Heart Space Publications publish books of inspiration, books for the Mind, Body & Soul. To be part of our collection, our books must inspire or help you in some way, leaving you feeling better about yourself and your possibilities. We have four categories:

If you want a lift in self-esteem or to be motivated, our Self-Help Range offers many topics.

Perhaps you have health issues that you want to learn about. If so, head to the Health Range, where you are likely to find your answers.

Most people, at some stage seek answers to the questions of why are we here, or what is our purpose. Our large range of spiritual (non-religious) books are sure to help you grow.

Our fourth Range is a General category, where you will find books on animals and nature, children’s books, cooking and miscellaneous topics.

So enjoy your time exploring our website and feel free to email us if you have any reading requests.