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  • Adele Gruber

    Adele Gruber, like most people, has worn many masks. These include being mother and grandmother, wife, student, teacher, businessperson and professional publisher. Now Adele dedicates herself to her life-long passion in dance, yoga, meditation and body modalities. She has a special interest in the body-mind-soul continuum and in how movement and body awareness affects our life.
  • Alexandra Levin

    Alexandra Levin was born in Johannesburg South Africa and graduated from the University of Cape Town with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. A successful writing career followed, first as a fashion journalist and later as a multiple award winning advertising copywriter in leading agencies, mainly Grey, BBDO & Ogilvy-Mather.
  • Andrew Marshall

    He takes the reader on an epic journey through a life marred by the rare neuro- muscular condition, Friedreich’s Ataxia. This sharp-eyed autobiography is wise, insightful, and filled with profound truths. He eloquently expresses
    the dilemma of those who find themselves on the periphery of society and whose courage, as a consequence, can sometimes falter.
  • Anna Burroughs Cook

    Based in Ohio in the U.S.A., Anna has been teaching the tarot for more than thirty years and has become an expert at what can become a very complex subject. She has many loyal clients over a spread of many states.
  • Bianca Di Manno

    We live and believe in illusion – convinced by what others want us to believe is true. We have stopped thinking, feeling and asking questions. We do not live our life, we now exist...
  • Charles Rukuni

    Charles Rukuni is a Zimbabwean journalist and trainer with more than 30 years in the field. He is currently the projects manager/peer mentor for the Forum for African Investigative Reporters (FAIR) - a continental organisation for investigative journalists whose secretariat is in Johannesburg. He also publishes and edits The Insider. He owns four houses!
  • Christina Kilmister

    Christina is a rising-star designer, and author of this delightful book. It is packed with honest advice, inspirational ideas, and self-examining lessons – you’ll just love her funny, raw and honest voice.
  • David Ash

    David Ash is a quantum physicist, spiritual teacher and author. Although currently in the science graduate from London University. He lived in Brisbane for eight years and during these years he travelled extensively throughout Australia, lecturing and offering workshops. He is the author of a number of published books.
  • Dorian Haarhof

    Dorian Haarhoff is a poet, writer and mentor who is steeped in story. A former professor of English, he now runs his own business ‘Creative Workshops’. He facilitates corporate story workshops for a number of companies in Africa and elsewhere, and acts as a writing coach for local and international clients.
  • Doris Naisbitt

    Doris Naisbitt is an observer of global social, economic and political trends, and the Director of the Naisbitt China Institute. She has a popular bi-weekly column in China Youth Daily, China’s second largest newspaper. She holds professorships at prestigious institutions including: Nankai University, Jilin University, Yunnan University, and Skolkovo Open University Moscow. She is an honorary Doctor of South Korea’s Pukyong National University.
  • Douglas Monroe PhD

    Douglas Monroe has spent the last decade study- ing shamanism in a variety of cultures, from the Huichol of Mexico to the Sànshin of Korea. He currently balances university teaching with co-ordinating New Forest Centre, an apprenticeship institution he founded in 1992 with active branches in Mexico City, Seoul and upstate New York.
  • Dr Roy Sugarman

    Dr Roy Sugarman is the Director of Applied Neuroscience at the world’s premier athlete training facility, Athletes Performance and Core Performance in the USA and in that role is the current mindset coach for the US Soccer National Men’s Team. He works with college and professional athletes, corporate executives and their staff, as well as personal trainers, coaches and Special Forces operatives, and a variety of clinical clients.
  • Eva F. Schoenfeld

    Eva is the founder of the ‘Academy of Tissue Salts & Facial Analysis’ in Johannesburg. She has studied in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and the USA, whilst practising in Switzerland, Germany, and Spain. In addition to being a Facial Analyst & Tissue Salt Consultant (Biochemistry), she is a JinShinJyutsu® practitioner, Esalen® Massage Practitioner and Reiki Master.
  • Gabrielle Harris

    With a father who practised as a veterinarian, Gabrielle has been surrounded by animals all her life. She has had a twenty year career as a specialist animal trainer. This has involved many species including seals, dolphins, sea lions, horses, dogs, pigs and even zoo animals like rhinoceros and great apes. She is currently employed at Ushaka Marine World, Durban as head animal trainer.
  • George Pan Kouloukis

    The Author George Pan Kouloukis is a Greek attorney-at-law, a barrister. As a member of the Athens Bar Association, he has provided legal services to the Ionian Bank of Greece, the Greek Electric Railways Company and other corporations.
  • Graham S. Saayman

    Trained as a psychologist at the University of Natal, McMaster University and the University of London, the author has a long-standing interest in human development, including the evolutionary origin of humans. He was Professor of Psychology at Cape Town University until 1989 and is currently an Adjunct Professor of Psychology at the University of Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.
  • Graham Williams

    Graham Williams is a management consultant, author and founder of Centre-ing Services, a company active around the world in leadership development, customer service delivery and steering transition successfully. He finds that the power of story is universal, crossing all boundaries. Graham’s formal disciplines are psychology and business economics.
  • Hasnain Walji

    Doctor Walji is a Natural Health Practitioner with wide experience. He is also the author of numerous books on the subject and is regarded as highly authoritative on his chosen speciality.
  • Jack Goodluck

    A compelling story with powerful characters set in the Northern Territory of Australia. Culminating on top of the sacred Gujigari Rock of the Wainanda clan ... who will lose their nerve first?
  • Jasper Swain

    Jasper Swain was a lawyer and later a circuit court judge in Kwa-Zuku Natal, South Africa. He is survived by his wife Clarice and also another son Kevin who followed in his father's footsteps by also becoming a judge in the same district.
  • Jenny Shone

    Jenny Shone has always had an all-consuming passion for animals and at the age of sixteen opened her first horse riding school. At eighteen, Jenny joined and worked with the famous Lipizzaner horses in Kyalami and spent time at the Lipizzaner riding school in Vienna. Her compassion lead her to study, and specialise in the teaching of disabled children.
  • John Naisbitt

    John Naisbitt is the author of #1 New York Times bestseller MEGATRENDS. The Wall Street Journal has called his work ‘triumphantly useful’. Education to President John Kennedy, and Special Assistant to President Lyndon Johnson. He holds 21 Honorary Doctorates and Professorships from Universities in America, China, Russia, and Korea.
  • John Poynton

    John Poynton is Professor Emeritus of biology at the University of Natal, South Africa, a research associate of the Natural History Museum, London, and a scientific fellow of the Zoological Society of London. His main research has been in African zoology and biogeography; he has also published in the philosophy of science and in psychical research.
  • Kimberly McConchie

    Kimberly McConchie was born in Victoria, Australia where she has lived the majority of her life. She has spent over twenty years studying and working in various disciplines within the health care and physical fitness sectors. After Luka's diagnosis she ceased permanent work as an Obstetric and Gynaecological Sonographer. She currently works most Saturdays as an IVF Nurse.
  • Kongyin

    Kongyin is a Chinese Canadian author, teacher and freelance writer for numerous magazines in China. Her story, "Snow on the Rocky Mountains," published by Readers (October 1995) and reprinted by seventeen other Chinese magazines, was later adapted into a TV show and aired in China. Her short story "Dance With A Bear" was published by Zhiyin Magazine and voted by readers as their choice for the most touching story.
  • Kripadhara

    Kripadhara is an accountant. The term accountancy and spirituality are not always synonymous. The first tends to portray a hard-headed pragmatist, grounded in law and contract; the other an open compassionate person, who lives life with faith in a benevolent creator of the non-material unseen being. Kripadhara is both – she shares from the head and heart, steeped in practicality and hope, reward for effort, and belief, of mindfulness, and financial savvy.

  • Lachlen French

    Lachlen Paul French attained his degree in Theology, comparative religion and homiletics at Ambassador College majoring in public communications. After achieving his Theology degree he entered the masters program in communication and fine art. At this stage he also began teaching speech communication at his theological Alma mater.
  • Lorraine Davies

    Lorraine Davies is a writer from the United Kingdom. She has been awarded high honours for her work in esoteric science stretching over many years by the World Development of Human Resources.
  • Luis Miguel Falcao

    Luis immigrated to South Africa from Mozambique as a child, was educated here, and is now in demand throughout the country as a public speaker and seminar course leader. He has been featured on several radio and TV shows and Renaissance Magazine had a four page feature article on him in the latest issue.
  • Luisa Di Manno

    We live and believe in illusion – convinced by what others want us to believe is true. We have stopped thinking, feeling and asking questions. We do not live our life, we now exist...
  • Lynette Rink

    Lynette connects to the heart of the land, the animals and to every person she meets, making a difference in their lives and guiding them to fun and to celebrate their life. She inspires people to follow their dreams and to reach their full potential, supporting them to find their roar and lion heart courage.
  • Margaret Heslop

    Margaret Heslop was born and educated in Springs, South Africa. She trained as a Medical Technologist (Clinical Pathology). Much later – to keep her daughter company – Margaret did a BA degree majoring in English and Psychology. This was followed by an Honours degree in English and some teaching diplomas. She is now retired from teaching and pursing her writing career.
  • Marguerite Osler

    The author, by profession a teacher of The F M Alexander Technique, has pursued the art of walking intelligently and fluidly with countless fellow-travellers for several decades. She is passionate about the extreme enjoyment and vitality gained. This is her second book.
  • Marietta Theunissen

    Marietta Theunissen is a clairvoyant, medium and teacher who has also completed 5 seasons of a show called “Die Ander Kant” which ran to 65 episodes where she performed readings and consultations on the program which ran on the Kyknet pay TV channel from 2004 to 2010. She now has homes in both New Zealand and South Africa.
  • Medyhne Lebachen

    Medyhne Lebachen loves to create…As well as having three kids (the ultimate in creation) Medyhne is passionate about writing stories, poems, songs (music and lyrics) and painting. Medyhne is part of a band Sonic Remedy (, which creates original music.
  • Nadine May

    Nadine is a novelist who is inspired to bring people's dreams into reality. She is also an art-therapy and drawing-skills teacher who conceptualised and teaches mind-drawing techniques which she calls Art-Analogue Symbolism. The Language of Light is described in her visionary ascension novels, The Awakening Clan, The Astral Explorer and The Cosmic Traveller, as a communication medium between souls.
  • Pam and Gerard Kortenbout

    Gerard and Pam were both involved with Spiritual Healing before they met and married. In 1971 they started the White Rose Healing Sanctuary in Durban and three years later in Johannesburg. Within a year, twelve healing channels were working three beds and attending to 60 patients per evening twice a week, with an 85% or better success rate.
  • Pamina Mullins

    Pamina Mullins trained as a corporate and personal stress management consultant in the United Kingdom and practices in Harare, Zimbabwe where stress management is an essential survival tool.
  • Patrick Desplace

    Patrick Desplace, scientist and accomplished sorcerer and esoteric master was born in Mauritius but graduated in Physics in Australia and has spent his life studying the esoteric mysteries and teaching them around the world, but primarily in Australia. He founded the organisation World Development of Human Resources in 1998.
  • Patrick Grayson

    Pat Grayson is an entrepreneur (3 companies), publisher, author, writing coach and motivational speaker. He is the author of; Trees - the Guardians of the Soul, Know Thyself, Yogi, How to Write - Right! and now, Calling your Will (Publisher O-Books UK). He has had several TV and radio interviews.
  • Roar Sheppard

    Roar Sheppard was born in 1972. He is American and has been residing in Korea for about 15 years. While staying in Korea, he has studied Korean traditional culture and language. He was interested in the secret of the Universe and searched for it through meditation.
  • Roger Nichols

    Roger Nichols started hands on healing at the age of fifteen and commenced teaching meditation through the Department of Education in Perth Western Australia 29 years ago.
    After many years of receiving hundreds of communications from some very special “Spiritual Friends”, Roger agreed to their requests to start writing and has spend the past 3 years producing the first book, “A Light Beings Journey” and working on two further books in the series.
  • Ruanna Marie Segal

    My Tarot in Action business and shop in Moonee Ponds, Melbourne, is the culmination of all my many years of exploring and studying the Metaphysical, Tarot and Astrology practices. In fact, it is from here that I conduct my readings, teach my classes, provide counseling services and Reiki healings, offer a range of Tarot merchandise and various gifts.
  • Sally Rossiter

    Sally Rossiter runs a highly successful practice, teaching her intuitive healing and balancing methods, speaking publicly to motivated individuals to seek their own truth. Follow Sally’s path from cautious pupil to humble master. Her candid explanations of failures and successes exemplify her story and will inspire you on your own on journey to mastery.
  • Sarah (Spunky) Strydom

    This true story is a snap shot of a difficult time in the life of a little girl - Sarah, or rather Spunky as she is known by her family and friends. Never has a name fitted a person so well. Sarah at eight years old wrote this book but she was helped by her mother, Nicky. Nicky gave understanding to the medical terms and did the initial edit, but they are Sarah’s words.
  • Seth Falconer

    Seth Falconer taught English to four year olds in Taiwan and learned to enjoy Turkish tea. Seth has a deep passion for writing, the world of metaphysics, travelling and appreciating the simple things in life alongside his beautiful wife Claire.
  • Shannon McKeown

    Shannon McKeown MS, LDN, has a Master's Degree in Human Nutrition. She specialises in: Natural / Holistic Nutrition, Mind / Body energy wisdom, ground- ing instruction and Spiritual Impact teaching. She lives and practices in Austin TX, USA.
  • Shannon Walbran

    Spirit Guide interpreter Shannon Walbran may be South Africa's best known psychic. She has helped thousands of clients from countries around the world. She is a sought-after radio and TV guest and has had regular spot on Kaya FM in Johannesburg, Radio 702 and Soweto TV, seen nationwide on DSTV.
  • Shea Albert

    Shea Albert loves food. She has cooked and dined through several career incarnations. First she was a ballet teacher, then a journalist, then an editor. She served for fifteen years as chief marketing officer for the first computer software company to go public in South Africa. She then worked as an independent brand and internet strategy consultant in South Africa and internationally.
  • Simon Peter Fuller

    Simon Peter is much in demand as a public speaker and conference delegate, and when not touring the world he offers tours to sacred sites near his home in South West England, the land of Merlin and King Arthur, Stonehenge and Avebury. He has made several nationwide speaking tours of Australia.
  • Steve Hurt

    Steve’s writing is the result of a reflection upon the feminine spirit in creation and the book is an attempt to bring it’s remembrance back to his own awareness, whilst sharing the journey with others. Steve lives in Wilderness, South Africa with his wife Sylvie Vantillard and their two sons, Oliver and Maxime. He continues to write
  • Steve Wright Krummeck

    Steve is a professional certified Transformation Coaching / Facilitator, focusing on interventions such as one-on-one/group coaching and customised transformation interventions. Workshops on this book are also conducted.
  • Tony Fahkry

    Holistic Health & Self-Empowerment ▪ Presenter ▪ Author. Founder of The Power to Navigate Life, Tony is a leading holistic, health and self-empowerment specialist. He brings over ten years’ experience at the highest level as a health professional, corporate and public speaker, author and coach. His understanding and integration of mind and body concepts bridges the gap between health, well-being and human behavior.
  • Tracey Jewel

    Tracey Jewel has been a guest on the Oprah Show, interviewed by a variety of radio stations and has written articles & featured in magazines such as NOVA, Insight, Conscious Living, That’s Life, Goddess Guru, Kindred Spirit, Modern Goddess as well as many online blogs including Tiny Buddha and She Knows.
  • Xavier Saer

    Xavier Saer was born in Peru with the Inca culture and wisdom on his doorstep. Before he was ten, he had written his first novel, a two-page thriller titled, ‘Journey in a time machine.’ It would take him over twenty years to write his second novel. Xavier is an internationally published songwriter and recording artist with Universal Music/Markon Records.